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Business Law – New Class Assignment Posted

February 2, 2011 by eason · No Comments · Uncategorized

Great morning Scholars!

Today is February 8, 2011. Once you have selected and summarized an article from Star News Online and included business law terms in your essay, then you are to conduct an inmate search. Examine the types of charges and convictions; what are the punishments for the charges. Why do you think those punishments were given? What type of punishment would you give; why? After completing these tasks, follow the instructions below.

Search and locate a social crime, business crime (white collar), crimes against property, or crimes against a person. Give detailed information on your finding.

Great morning!

Browse the US Courts website and locate sentences that use some of our vocabulary words. Be sure to copy and paste as many sentences necessary to understand the context of how the word is used. Also, cite your work and add the exact link that you used to gain the information. Do this assignment in a word processing program. Email me your final document. [email protected]

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